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  • 17-Apr-2019 7:36 AM | Sue Miller (Administrator)

    The Board of Directors (BOD) received a request from member George Moustakis through the Community Outreach Committee to consider some financial support to Help4Kids.  The Board approved the request, and donation was made from Cabin Fever Tournament proceeds.

    On Thursday, April 12, 2019, the Club donated $1,000.  Attached is the picture of the George, Terri Loving, and Emily Taylor-Vice President giving Barb Mains at Help4Kids the check for $1,000.00.  These funds will help with the supply of new clothing & shoes to schools as requested for children in need. 

    If anyone would like to request the Club to donate to another local charity, please complete the attached Form and submit to Terri, Chair of the Community Outreach Committee,  All requests will be reviewd by the Board of Directors for approval.  This form will also be added to the BOD & Committees website page under Community Service/Outreach Committee.


    Carolina Coastal Pickleball Request for Charitable Donation.pdf

  • 15-Mar-2019 1:50 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    We held the 2019 Cabin Fever Tournament at the MB Sports Center this past Monday and Tuesday.  We had 134 players attend and it was a great success.  We ran a couple hours last on Monday because we tried games to 21 which really killed the original schedule.  We adjusted Tuesday and everything went well.  

    Congratulations to all the winners!  Pictures from the tournament can be seen HERE

  • 20-Jan-2019 5:11 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    Just before the holidays, several club members got together to tour the 3 New Direction shelters in Myrtle Beach. We visited the family, men’s, and the women’s shelters. We met several of the shelter administrators and their knowledge and dedication was evident.

    I found it to be a very informative visit. Food is donated from many different grocery stores.  Food was made available to homeless street folks each evening, in addition to residents.  Transportation is important and so bikes are made available at the men’s shelter and repairs are also performed there. New showers are needed for the men’s shelter and our group speculated on painting the Family shelter hallways.

    Kathy Jenkins, the executive director, has taken the action item to send us a list of volunteer needs and a contact name & number, which we will forward to all club members. Hopefully you’ll find a niche that you would be interested in spending some time on.

    Kathy and her team are happy to conduct tours, so folks can become familiar with their organization and it’s workings. If you are interested in having a tour, please contact Kathy at 843-945-4902 or via email,

    Terri Loving

  • 20-Jan-2019 5:07 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    The Training Committee is planning to provide training for all members.  This will be done as beginner training as well as organized event such as drills with and without the ball machine recently purchased.  These types of training events will be free.  If there are any other MBPC members interested in providing training for free or professionally, please send Lisa Bair or me an email.

    The Training Committee will also coordinate with professional trainers for advanced training.  These will have a cost associated with them which will differ based upon the trainer.  The club does not pay for these training events nor receive any money from them.  

    There are two local pickleball trainers that have contacted the club to offer their services to club members; Kristen Meyers and Vicki Kelly.  Kristen is a member of the MBPC and one of the top women players in the area. Vicki plays at North Myrtle Beach and has PPR certification. Attached are brochures from both for your review.   If you are interested in knowing more, please contact them directly.

    The Committee has coordinated with Vicki Kelly to come to South Strand on Wednesday, January 30 at 11:30-12:30 to provide an overview of the training she can provide as listed in the brochure.  This will be discussion only, no pickleball play.  We have verified that we can meet in the South Strand gym at the back.  Due to the space, we will limit the overview to 20 players.  We will be sending out an event email separately, so anyone interested in attending the overview can register.

    The committee will work with Kristen to setup a similar overview session as well. 

  • 07-Dec-2018 5:10 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    On Thursday night, Dec 6th 2018, the Myrtle Beach Pickleball Club held it's annual Christmas party the Doubletree Resort by Hilton in Myrtle Beach.  This party also served as the closing of the year long planning and execution of the 2018 USAPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Pickleball Tournament.  This tournament was host by the club and held in Oct at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center. 

    The tournament ended up being the largest single tournament in the history of South Carolina with 400 participants.  The post tournament feedback was overwhelmingly positive and was rated 4.5 out of 5 in a post tournament survey. 

    As a result of the tournament, the club was able to make a donation of $20,000 to New Directions, the homeless charity in Myrtle Beach servicing men, women, families and veterans.  

  • 29-Oct-2018 10:09 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    We hosted the USAPA Mid-Atlantic Regional tournament this past weekend at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center.  From all accounts, it was a huge success.  We have 393 registered players for the weekend.  The tournament ran smoothly and we finished every day between 6 and 7pm.  

    There were 11 vendors in our vendor area and all were happy with the sales they had and number of people visiting their booths.   We had food trucks there on Sat.  

    There were a number of top 5.0 players attending and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Almost all of the feedback was very positive and everyone I asked said they would come back.  

    Kudo's go to all of the volunteers who helped make this event a success.  We had a great Tournament Committee who worked for the past 10 months planning the tournament.   We will be giving the proceeds of our efforts to our charity, New Directions, at our Christmas Party on Dec 6th.  

  • 11-Apr-2018 9:00 AM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    Strawberry picking at Hyman Vineyard and Farm in Conway followed by lunch in Conway at the Trestle Bakery and Cafe.

    We will finish the day at my home 2915 Midiron Court to enjoy the fruits of our labor with homemade strawberry shortcake.

    Meet at my house at 9:00 and carpool to farm. Picking is 10.00 a gallon and lunch is Dutch.

    Reservations are not required but would like to know if your interested. Michele Smith 540-798-9193

  • 02-Jan-2018 9:24 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    Where:  Carolina Ale House, 2915 Hollywood Dr, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

    When:  Sunday, January 14th, 4:00pm-?? 

    The club will hold a social Meet & Greet for appetizers and drinks at Carolina Ale House (near Broadway at the Beach) on Sunday, January 14th, from 4:00pm-??.

    The playoff game between NFC (TBD) and Minnesota is scheduled for 4:40pm, so please come to Carolina Ale and join us.

  • 18-Dec-2017 3:22 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    MBPC is hosting the 1st Annual USAPA Mid-Atlantic Regional Pickleball Tournament on Oct 26-28, 2018 at the Myrtle Beach Sports Center. This is a brand new tournament in Myrtle Beach! Thanks for the USAPA Mid-Atlantic Director,  Joe Borrelli for working with us to bring this event to Myrtle Beach! This will be a USAPA Sanctioned Event with an embedded Super Senior International Pickleball Association tournament included. More information will be coming out soon! Mark your calendars and forward to all your pickleball friends.

    Sign up on starting 4/2/18.

  • 27-Sep-2017 3:43 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

    This is the MBPC Fall picnic at the Myrtle Beach State Park.  This year will be a Fall games and activities including: 

    • Pumpkin Carving
    • Apple Bobbing
    • Smores 
    • much more.

    Hot dogs & hamburgers will be provided by the club.  Everyone is asked to bring a side dish to share and please bring your own drinks.

    Members can bring a guest for $5.  Let us know if you plan to show.

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