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Results of North Myrtle Beach Pickleball Tournament April 2017

11-Apr-2017 5:33 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

North Myrtle Beach Pickleballers

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Results from the April 2017 "Paddle at the Beach"..thanks to all who played, volunteered and especially to the city of NMB and all our generous sponsors !!!!

Men’s 3.0 Division
Men’s 3.0 A

Winners: William Godbey and Tom Jobes

Runner-Up: Stokes Graves and Joe Grummel

Men’s 3.0 B

Winners: Gary Joseph and Wally Waters

Runner-Up: Charles Jamerson and Steven Taylor

Men’s 3.5 Division
Men’s 3.5 A

Winners: Glenn Eckerle and Bill Gillan

Runner-Up: Jim Loving and William Young

Men’s 3.5 B

Winners: Jim Burkholder and Bob Grueser

Runner-Up: Steve Getz and Chuck Allen

Men’s 4.0 Division
Men’s 4.0+ A

Winners: Trey Honeycutt and Sean Shull

Runner-Up: Jonathan Ludwig and Jamie Wilson

Men’s 4.0+ B

Winners: Jonn Hendrickson and Horace Whitaker

Runner-Up: Tom Stanley and Gary Skinner

Women’s 3.0 Division
Women’s 3.0 A

Winners: Stacey Hammond and Emily Taylor

Runner Up: Rosemary Kilbridge and Peggy Symanski

Women’s 3.0 B

Winner: Alison Burris and Diane Hankins

Runner Up: Terri Loving and Mary Jane Mikesic

Women’s 3.5 Division
Women’s 3.5

Winners: Karon Mertens and Claire Prince

Runner Up: Michelle Harrison and Candice Moore

Women’s 4.0 Division
Women’s 4.0

Winners: Wendy Evans and Nancy Lenkowski

Runner Up: Brittany Hammond and Jen Ludwig

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