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MBPC General Meeting a BOD Elections

01-May-2017 4:24 PM | Jim Loving (Administrator)

We have scheduled our next Myrtle Beach Pickleball Club General meeting with all members for Thursday June 29, 1pm at the Base Rec Center.

At this meeting, the Board will update the members on various topics of importance to all club members.  These include: an update on the club's finances,  the Seaside Classic being held in September,  the fall discount book sale, the December Christmas party and other topics.  

Also, this year, there are two Board of Director positions up for election.  President, currently being served by Jim Loving and Secretary, being served by Audrey Connery.  Jim is running for re-election, while Audrey has decided not to run again.  She has served as secretary since the club's inception in 2014 and done a tremendous job over those three years!  We all owe her a debt of gratitude for her many contributions.  We are sure she will remain heavily involved in many of the events for the club.  

At this time, we are asking for members who would like to step up and help manage the club and set our direction.  Both President and Secretary are open for election.  If you are interested,  we ask that you prepare a Letter of Intent and give it to one of your current Board Members. A Letter of Intent should offer examples of your background that would serve you well in the board position and reasons you would like to be on the board.   These will be shared with the club members prior to voting.  

We are asking that each and every club member strongly consider putting their name up for consideration.  These next couple of years could see major changes to the club.  Pickleball and the club are growing not only in Myrtle Beach, but all over. As a board member, you could help set the direction for the club.  Major discussions/decisions could include:  

  • What to do with the Seaside Classic after 2017?  Cindy/Nancy may not be running it after this year.
  • Should the club move to become non-profit?
  • How do we get more venues/courts in the Myrtle Beach area?
  • What changes do we need to make with our current events?
  • What new ways can we promote pickleball?
We will open up nominations between now and May 26th.  We will then setup a online voting process for all members through the June 26th and announce the new officers at our General Meeting on June 29. 

Thank You,


  • 01-Jul-2017 11:17 PM | Sandy Barnes
    On web site looking for registration for volunteering on a committee from email sent to me with a deadline of July 15,can someone point me in that direction please?
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